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good toilet paper does

good toilet paper does what it is supposed to do and the price point is in competition with other competitors and does not need much improvement I will continue to buy this product I would highly recommend this brand to anyone!



My one and only

This is the only toilet paper my husband will use. Previously, I bought a different brand, assuming it was a luxury brand, and he would not have it. I have learned my lesson. This is the softest and most absorbent toilet paper out there.



Love this

I was raised in a Cottonelle-only household, and after moving out and having roommates that choose other brands, I can see why. Cottonelle is thick and soft, you don't have to use as much, and it lasts a long time.




This Cottonelle toilet paper is so nice and comfortable. It feels so gentle and not scratchy. It is strong and I really enjoyed using it! I would recommend this to a friend!



Love it!

I have used this brand for years and won’t buy any other kind! Well priced for the quality!



Worth the money

This particular brand/version of Cottonelle is the best. It can be pricey - well worth the money.




As high as prices are lately everywhere this is actually best economically per roll. You use less bc it gets the job done well.




I have used Cottonelle for many years. It is so thick and cushy. A little goes a long way in cleaning your bodily excretions.

Price shopper


Regular roll size

Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper (4 Mega Rolls = 16 regular rolls*), 312 sheets per roll—Perviewing toilet paper on the internet. I was looking at pricing and found this odd. 312 sheets per mega roll... each mega roll is supposed to equa



Not what it used to be

We have used this for years, but recently we’ve been in the market for something new as this has been in a steady decline. Our floor is covered in a constant white substance from the paper. It falls off the rolls into the shelf, it’s so dus

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Product FAQs

No, we only use virgin wood fibers from responsibly managed forests.
Yes, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is clog safe and septic safe.
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper is biodegradable, made with water and renewable fibers, and sourced from responsibly managed forests.
Yes! Bundle poly film can be added to ‘Store Drop Off’ collection with other packaging poly films. For store location:
Each sheet of toilet paper is 4" x 3 3⁄4". The width of every roll is 3 3⁄4"
Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is unscented and contains no toxic materials.
Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper is designed to help you absorb more moisture to feel comfortably clean.