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Ultra ComfortCare
Ultra ComfortCare Soft Toilet Paper Mega Rolls
  • Cleaning Ripples Texture
  • plant-basedMade with Plant-Based Fibers
  • luxurious cleanOur Most Luxurious Clean
  • clean sheetSuperior Clean per Sheet vs. the Leading Value Brand
  • softOur Softest Toilet Paper

Cottonelle® Ultra ComfortCare Soft Toilet Paper, 30 Mega Rolls

  • Soft, 2-layer toilet paper
  • 3x thicker & 3x more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading national value brand
  • Made with plant-based fibers - clog-safe, sewer-safe, septic-safe
  • Pair with Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes for a refreshing clean
Flushable Wet Wipes
Flushable Wipes 420 Pack
  • active clean ripplesCleaning Ripples Texture
  • plant-basedMade with Plant-Based Fibers
  • jeaOnly flushable wipe approved by a wastewater utility
  • plumber approvedTested with plumbers
  • septic safe#1 Septic-Safe Wipes Brand
  • flushable100% Flushable

Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes 10 Flip-Top Packs, 42 wipes per pack(420 Wipes Total)

  • Designed for toilets and tested with plumbers
  • Plastic-free & made with water & renewable plant-based fibers
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free, no harsh chemicals

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Best product in market!

The only wet wipes brand i trust when it comes to flushability! Love the refreshing clean feeling



The Best

I am so in love with this product. I have tried other brands including store brands and I have to say this is by far the best one of them all. They work great for all ages as I have used them on the children that I babysit and my teenage ch



Clean as a whistle

I am absolutely obsessed with the "squeaky clean" feel that I get with these. I thought, "why not try these and see what the hype is about"...boy, I never knew what I was missing! Don't leave home without them, seriously! These are also gr



They hold up

Product performs as advertised. Wouldn't be without them. Fresh and clean!




Your dispensers are great but your wipes are a disaster. They come out one at a time and only one. If you want another you must dig into the package and try and get one without tearing it. Think it is time to change brands!!!



Love the idea but

Love the idea but not a fan. I am a big girl so I use these for at the end of the day for areas that I have skin on skin, like arm pits and under belly/breast just for a little cleaning until my next day shower….or a little extra after bat



These are not flushable.

These truly do not break down until a least a month. I own a campground and have septic. So far we have put out $1900 because the pipes are clogged I tested one in water and a month later it still wasn't broken down. They are also affec



I’ve always been a

I’ve always been a really big fan of flushable wipes. They are great to use during that time of month. A great price for a lot of wipes. Definitely recommend



These aren’t too bad,

These aren’t too bad, I like the sensitive ones because I have allergies with scented products. I’ve been using these for a few years on and off, I prefer the sensitive ones to these original ones.



They're decent

Who doesn't like to feel fresh after they poo? I know I do!! So these wipes are wonderful to have around. They're also good for cleaning up the kids after they make a mess at dinner. Wipe their hands and face up for them and they are good t

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Product FAQs

Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes are designed for toilets and tested with plumbers. They are 100% flushable, plastic-free, and made of fibers that are 100% biodegradable. They are the only flushable wipe approved by a wastewater entity*
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper and Flushable Wipes are septic safe.
Cottonelle® Toilet Paper and Flushable Wipes are made with fibers that are 100% Biodegradable.
Cottonelle® Ultra ComfortCare® Toilet Paper is our thickest and most absorbent toilet paper.
Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes are available in flip-top packs, refill bags, tubs, and sample packs.
We're part of the Kimberly-Clark Family
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