Cottonelle® Offers the Best in DownThereCare


treat the skin you don’t see like the skin you do

Pair Cottonelle® Brand Toilet Paper and Flushable Wipes for a superior clean* that makes you feel ahhh-mazing.

*Using dry + moist together vs. dry alone

clean with
Toilet Paper

Cottonelle® Brand CleaningRipplesTM Texture removes more at once for a superior clean that puts a pep in your step. 

Cottonelle® FreshCare Flushable Wipes Pack

cleanse with
Flushable Wipes

To refresh and renew, count on the cleansing power of water in Cottonelle® Brand Flushable Wipes.

ahhh...what a

Feel confident knowing you’ve upped your downthere game.

totally flushable and worry free

Cottonelle® Brand Flushable Wipes are designed for toilets and tested with plumbers.

get the breakdown
Kimberly-Clark practices sustainability.

hey, it’s our planet too

Sustainability is a big deal at Kimberly-Clark. Find out how we’re doing right by the environment.

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